'It's time to break the IVF stigma in black communities'

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This short article was a supplementary piece that that I wrote for Inzamam Rashid's exclusive report on the rise of  IVF uptake in black and minority ethnic women. In this article I talk about how the social stigma and taboo in my community  associated with infertility and beliefs sorrounding motherhood made me feel less of a woman when I had trouble conceiving.

'Things you only know if you've been through IVF as a woman of colour '

This article was written by Isabella D'Emilio - Editorial assistant at Grazia magazine. In this article Isabella beautifully captures and explains the 'wall of silence' in black communities. My community organisation, Femelanin also gets a shout out. To read the article you can download it by clicking the red circled icon, or double click the file if you are using an android/iphone.