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Happy New You

Happy New year 2019!!!

It’s been a week since I returned from Ghana , and I must say that trip was the highlight of the year for me. In fact I missed out on a few years of travelling due to being heavily pregnant last year, and being cautious the previous years as I went through treatment.

As I write this I feel so grateful that I have entered the new year with so much to look forward to.

In some ways my trip back home was one of bittersweet nostalgia.

I was there last in 2014 after having a suspected miscarriage , and with it being the start of my fertility challenges , it was quite a difficult holiday to endure.

Four years later I’m enjoying our first family holiday.

God is faithful!

Although unconnected, a poignant reminder of this was very much triggered by a very special initiative called ‘the year of return’ - I won’t go into too much detail but it is led by our president Akufo- Addo who said, to mark the 400 years of enslavement anniversary; it is now the time for people of African descent to make the journey back home (to Africa) as we have earned the right to.

Apart from the sense of pride for my country, It touched me deeply to see so many of our African- American celebrities I.e Naomi campbell, Diggy Simmons , Boris Kudjoe (to name the few) humbly return to their roots , and moreover the main message from many of them was that their return further validated their ancestor’s struggles and strengths.

Where I’m going with is :

There is something about going back to your roots (roots in many contexts) that leads one to a point of self-discovery and purpose.

Last year just a random moment of sharing and honesty led to the launch of this blog that I trust has helped so many other black women, and women in general speak up about their fertility challenges and reproductive health , as well as have a source of information that they could personally relate to. I even met one of my ladies out in Ghana that I have been speaking to via Instagram. It couldn’t be a coincidence that just when I felt to open up we saw many other celebrities talk about their journeys.

To recap: I started off by speaking about how my journey started in my first blog entry, and after subsequent posts with the most recent being about my first IVF round that led to a miscarriage, I was interviewed by the METRO newspaper and then by BBC radio.

I now have some more interviews lined up with a few podcasts and a new project underway (details to follow soon) ...

Although I’m returning to work from maternity leave next week, I aim to continue blogging as you may realise I’m yet to blog about the journey to having Sebastian (post the first miscarriage from my first successful IVF cycle)

I am so grateful that amidst of all the struggle and pain that God has a purpose for me, and I feel like I’m on a path of self-discovery.

However you decided to wave goodbye to 2018 ; there may have been a feeling of excitement to start off fresh or even hesitance to leave some sentiments behind. Whatever the case there is something valuable in reflecting about what 2018 or even previous years taught you .

Going back to 2016 I was happy to leave the grief behind and look forward to 2017 where I was preparing myself for another cycle of IVF (if I didn’t conceive naturally)!

Whatever your hopes and dreams are for this year and beyond please trust and know that this is the year of return. To rediscover yourself , glow up, grow up and walk in your purpose...

Happy New you!

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