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'Born and bred in London, UK , where  I will always call ‘home’. I am 1 of 6 in literal terms, I am from a family six , 3 of which are my sisters. So four years ago after I got married, I packed up everything, left my job and my family and moved to Leicester to start married life with my husband. My husband, Dru is a perfect perfect gift from God. Not only am I his wife but we are also best friends and parents to our beautiful miracle baby Sebastian as well as our angel babies .


So, on that note (angel babies) , that’s also what I mean by 1 of 6. Statistically in the U.K. 1 out of every 6 women will suffer from infertility at some point in their life. And that is what has inspired me to write this blog. I hope my sharing will help to remove the stigma and taboos associated with infertility. I am no longer ashamed because God has given me the very promise that I’ve prayed for , for a very long time. 

They mean the world to me, and so I know and trust that there was a greater plan in this journey that I am still on. I believe the stories of our lives were never meant to be kept a secret. 

Whilst infertility can affect both males and females , my personal journey has taught me a lot about all the sacrifices women make towards their journey of motherhood and beyond . So somewhere in between I’m working out that I have a heart and desire for women to know that they matter, and they don’t have to live a life where they are defined by life’s tragedies and failures.

In saying that I hope what I share on this blog can reinforce that message ; that there is a beautiful destiny ahead. 


I am truly grateful and humbled that you have decided to follow my blog and have taken the opportunity to get to know about me and my ongoing journey. I pray that you are encouraged and uplifted and find yourself smiling as you read through the details of my heart.

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